In-depth blog about former slave and boxing legend Bill Richmond (1763-1829); subject of Luke G. Williams' biography, published by Amberley in August 2015.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bill Richmond in Boxing Monthly

I am pleased to announce that a four-page article I have written about Bill Richmond entitled 'The Pioneer' appears in the May edition of Boxing Monthly magazine.

As a longtime reader and admirer of Boxing Monthly, I am incredibly honoured and excited to have secured this commission. I'd like to thank Graham Houston and Nigel Baker at the magazine for commissioning and printing the piece, which is handsomely illustrated with three splendid images - Rowlandson's rendition of Cribb v Molineaux 2, Trevor Von Eeden's rendering of Richmond v Youssop (specially commissioned for my book, Richmond Unchained) and the portrait of Richmond from Pierce Egan's Boxiana.

The article examines Richmond's career as a whole, as well as his historical and pugilistic significance. It's hopefully an enjoyable intro to his life, which will whet your appetites for the publication of Richmond Unchained in August. It's a 100 per cent original article, not merely a condensed or abridged version of prose from the book.

Details of Boxing Monthly magazine can be found here.
The May issue is in newsagents from Thursday 30 April. Alternatively, you can purchase a digital edition of the magazine now from ITunes, as well as via other online vendors and apps.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Richmond v Wood commentary

Having enjoyed live tweeting many boxing matches on my Twitter account @boxianajournal, I have noticed with interest the trend on Twitter for live tweets of historical events as though they were happening right now.

9/11, JFK's assassination, the voyage of the Titanic and the House of Parliament burning down are among the events that have received this treatment, and I thought I would give this 'historical re-enactment' thing a go myself by tweeting 'as live' some of Bill Richmond's greatest fights.

I began on Saturday, 11 April, with Richmond versus Isaac 'Waterman' Wood. Appropriately enough, the live tweet of this event took place 206 years to the day since the fight took place.

The tweets from the full event are reproduced below! More live tweet events will follow in the months leading up to publication of Richmond Unchained in August.